Five-a-Day: Day 01

>> Monday, March 2, 2009

I've been very cynical, lately. Events over the last few months, personally and globally, have raised many questions and many of the answers have left a bitter taste in my mouth. Long story short? I've opened a door and entered reality. I won't go into the details (I'll save that for my private blog -- you know, the really interesting one where all the bodies are buried), but I realize I must actively strive for balance, to recognize the good that surrounds me daily. Because as dark as reality can be at times, it is not all dark, and I don't want to forget that.

I often read Journey Mama, and she recently decided to join the "Grace in Small Things" challenge to list 5 positive things each day. It can be anything from finishing a marathon (because that happens so often) to realizing your canker sore has finally healed (which happens way more frequently).

Here's what I have for Sunday:

1. Adas Polo leftovers. We ate dinner at Bandar on Saturday (a yummy Persian restaurant), and because we're so smart and filled ourselves on appetizers and salad, we had plenty of saffron-stained rice and chicken to take home. Last night I added raisins to the dish (to sweeten it a little more) and we fed our entire family on the leftovers. And (and!) I have enough for lunch today.

2. Lizzy demonstrated her super amazing strength on the playground by moving hand-over-hand across the entire set of monkey bars -- all the way across. It was like ten bars! (It was also funny to see the way her scapula jutted out of her skinny body... so strong and vulnerable at the same time.)

3. Michael gave me a shoulder and back rub while we sat on a picnic blanket during a birthday party for a friend's 4-year old. The sun was shining, the blanket was warm, and the girls were bouncing in an ocean-themed bounce house nearby.

4. Our bulbs have bloomed! We have a nice expanse of yellow flowers (I can't think of the name!) in the flower bed. They seem to die quickly when we cut them for the house, so we're letting them bloom away undisturbed in the yard. Last year I gave some of the bulbs to a friend, and hers are also blooming. It feels good to "spread the beauty."

5. My assignment for oil painting class this week was to paint a still life (2-3 veggies with a transparent object) using a palette knife. This can be very, very hard for someone with control issues, and when I began to paint the scene, much hyperventilating and shouting of strange words ensued. (Gah... no... yugga... aahh!) But (but!), I got through it and I'm so happy with my little painting. It's not perfect by any means, but I think (maybe) I've turned a tiny, little corner in my painting abilities. I tried some new techniques, I had faith (sooo important for me when painting), and I'm happy with the results.


Bookdiva March 5, 2009 at 11:15 PM  

1. I did not have a sore throat this morning, even though I was out late last night and talked nonstop for a four-hour car ride to and from L.A.

2. One of my clients' events was the cover story of Night & Day today, and the remaining tickets are now sold out.

3. The girls had a great time playing at the playground on a beautiful afternoon today before we took Rory to ballet.

4. I managed to make a ballet chignon that didn't fall apart halfway through Rory's class.

5. It could be worse - someone could be arguing today in front of the California Supreme Court to invalidate my marriage.

Michele March 10, 2009 at 1:23 PM  

Very small world. Deb and I were just talking about noting the positive things ... the things we are grateful for, etc. today via blog. It must be in the air. Here's to all of us for trying : )

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