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>> Monday, January 19, 2009

Right off the top, it's a goofy name.

I was looking for a new name for my blog, and then one morning I had the following exchange with my husband. We were taking our daughter to preschool and found ourselves following a well-dressed mom wearing a cute little skirt and high heels. I tilted my head to one side like a puppy noticing something strange for the first time. Michael also tilted his head, but was thinking of something else.

"How come you don't wear skirts and high heels to work?" he asked.

"She must be freezing. It doesn't seem practical."

"She doesn't seem to mind."

"I suppose not."

Two heads tilt to the other side.

"Oh well, I guess I'm more of a cords and fleece kind of girl."

Two heads straighten.

And there you have it -- a blog title based entirely on what I like to wear in the wintertime. Talk about impractical.

The former title was Domestic Irritation. I liked that title a lot -- it certainly seemed to express how I felt much of the time. But it was too one-sided. After writing so many words about my family, I realized how much fun they bring into my life and how much I love them (go figure). The idea of daily going to a place that emphasized my irritation with them just didn’t seem accurate. It seemed nit-picky and whiny.

I guess it’s the hippy in me buried beneath all that punk angst and repressed middle class white woman. Come on, begged hippy chic, don't send out all that negative energy... Since I wasn't about to rename my blog “Happy Freaking Love Mama”, I went with Cords and Fleece (and lost everyone's nice comments in the process). Oh well. It is what it is, and I'll stick with it.

(But I have to admit -- the other day I noticed someone had purchased my former domain "DomesticIrritation.com" and my heart hurt a little. People are strange, eh?)

So, if you haven't guessed, this blog is about myself and my perspective on family life. (I guess I could have put that at the top of the page.) Here are some of my favorite entries:

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