Rain and Cookies

>> Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It rained today.

To pass the time, we played with Tulip the Kitten, watched old school Sesame Street, and ate cheese burgers and Chicago-style hot dogs in a corner booth at Portillos.

Grandma and Grandma arrived this afternoon. Traffic was heavy on the way to the airport. As our wipers slowly swished across the windshield, we listened to Christmas songs on the radio. Samantha asked, “Is it still Christmas?”

Since the German restaurant was closed, we ate Italian for dinner. A tall, rotund man with ruddy cheeks and a small black mustache sang rich baritone songs.

“OK,” I began. “This is a long shot.”

“Try me,” he said.

“Well, my little girl’s favorite songs are The Lonely Goat Herder and Waltzing Matilda.”

“Yea, that’s a long shot.”

Instead, he sang Edelweiss. Then he pulled up a chair next to Samantha and sang The Wheels on the Bus... also in rich baritone. Samantha watched with wide eyes and no smile. When he finished singing, Michael slipped Samantha a fin and asked her to give it to him. She resisted.

“Go on, Samantha. Give him the five.”

As the singer put out his hand to take the tip, she slapped his open palm -- thus “giving him five” as she knows best. After we recovered, Grandma slipped him the tip.

"Did you like it when the man sang to you at the restaurant tonight?" Samantha nodded.

"Why didn't you sing along?"

"Because I didn't know him." Good enough.

Sweets Consumed Today:

- Dove Ice Cream Bars
- Orange Jello Desert
- Marshmellows
- Solerno Butter Cookies
- M & M Cookies
- Hershey Bars

...and more Salerno Butter Cookies.

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