Past and Present Shake Hands

>> Thursday, November 15, 2007

It’s 9:30pm Saturday night, November 10th. I’m thinking about the week ahead of me.

This week we leave for Chicago to visit the family for Thanksgiving, cram a week’s worth of work into two days, and decide if we really need to buy winter shoes for the girls or if sandals and three pairs of socks will do. (I mean, it’s only for a week...)

We leave Thursday. Wednesday I have a 6am migraine scheduled. My monthly migraine always falls on a Wednesday. Usually I try to plan around it. Guests are coming in from out of town? Great, I’ll make dinner. They’re coming on Wednesday? Forget it. Better order a pizza...

So with last minute packing and a migraine, I don’t think I’ll have the mental wherewithal to compose a blog entry. With that in mind, I decided to interview my future self today, so she won’t have to think so hard then.

See self? I do look out for you once in a while.

Thus, in the following interview, I ask the questions on 11/10 and answer them 11/14.

Hi self! You must be dog tired. Did you have a migraine today?

Yes. Yes I did.

The doc said to take about a million Aleve for a few days beforehand to thwart the migraine. Did that work?

No. No it didn't.

What time do you think you’ll get to bed tonight?

It's 11:35 now, so in about 15 minutes.

Did you remember to pack the camera?

I'll ask Michael tomorrow morning.

And the DVD player for the girls?

Ditto above.

And your birth control pills?


Are you stressing about anything? Come on... I know you like to be positive in your blog entries, but let me know how you really feel.

My back hurts... I'm worried about getting another migraine... I'm worried that Lizzy will wake up again tonight with another bad dream... I'm worried about getting too little sleep and snapping at the girls... I'm worried I won't be a "nice and compassionate wife"... I'm worried I'll feel awkward around Michael's relatives... I'm worried I'll be hungry on the flight, that Samantha will get carsick on the way to the airport, that the girls will be miserable on the flight and cause all Hell to break loose... huh. Could be causing the migraines?

What are you looking forward to on your trip?

Taking a deep breath, sitting someplace warm and cozy, and kissing my family. I need a lot of hugs. I can't wait to see Tim and Sally and their kids... reuniting with the Big Eddie Springs Blues Band (with or without the blues), going downtown to enjoy big city holiday spirit... going to the Museum of Science and Industry... seeing all of Michael's cousins and catching up... showing off the girls... and maybe (just maybe) getting a chance to write a little.

What are you dreading?

Oh. Gosh. I think I covered that two questions ago.

Who is going to care for Meg, George, and Matlida?

The Grandparents and then my friend Paula -- all of whom rock.

What books or magazines will you take on the plane?

Oh shit! I forgot. Maybe David Sedaris and then some cheap magazines I'll buy from the airport.

Did you kiss Michael recently and give him a big hug? I know you guys are probably nipping at each others heals, but stop right now, go do it, and report back to me. How’d it go?

Well. He was at the computer putting songs on the iPod. I gave him a big hug and a nice kiss. I guess he wasn't expecting that, so he asked me if I wanted to take him into the bedroom and -- oh, how shall I say this? -- "duck his rock". Then I giggled like a school girl and ran in here to tell you.

OK, that’s enough. I’ll let you go. Get some sleep. Try not to think to much -- it’ll just keep you awake. Remember, you’re not going to Siberia, so if you forget anything you can always pick it up at the nearest grocery store. Except the birth control pills. Be sure to take them with you -- preferably in your purse. Did you pack those?

Yes. I should probably go now. Michael is getting confused, wondering why I keep going to the computer. Goodnight!

Goodnight, Future M. Have a safe and peaceful trip. Past M. signing out.

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