Halloween Bites

>> Friday, November 2, 2007

Here are some moments from our Halloween.


The Grim Reeper came up to my front door. I gave him a Hershey Bar and an Almond Joy. He gave the Almond Joy back.

Lesson: Want to cheat Death? Dress as an Almond Joy.


“Hi. These are my girls, Elizabeth and Samantha. I’m Melissa. This is my mom, Gail, and this is my Grandma, Molly.”

“Wow, so many generations.”

“Yea, and my Grandma’s mother is resting in the bedroom.”

“That’s right, she doesn’t know she’s dead yet.”

Dark Hutchins humor.


Elizabeth: “Grandma, I’m a genie. You can have three wishes.”

Grandma: “Great! I wish for a kiss.” (smooch)

Grandma: “I wish for you to run around the kitchen and come back.” (run, run, run)

Grandma: “I wish for you to hug Samantha.” (hug, hug, hug)

Elizabeth: “Mommy, I’m a genie. You can have three wishes.”

Me: “Great. I wish for you to clean up that mess on the floor.”


Elizabeth: “Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me some... chairs to eat!”

Surreal Lizzy humor.


Grandma: “Girls, shhh! You’ll wake the dead.”

Later, in the front yard of someone’s house, we see a ghoulish figure pushing its way up through the earth.

Elizabeth: “Did I wake him up?”

Yes. Yes you did.


About to open Fortune Cookies before trick or treating...

Me: “OK, everybody. Don’t forget to add ‘in bed’ after your fortunes. What’s yours, Grandma?”

Grandma: “Your greatest fortune is the large number of friends you have... in bed.” (hee, hee...)

Me: “Your everlasting patience will be rewarded sooner or later... in bed.” (giggle, giggle)

Mike: “Me? Oh. Well mine says, ‘You will get a good night’s rest...’ Huh.”

Witty Weber humor.


And finally, on the way to school this morning...

“Hey! Now it’s gonna be Christmas!”


Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

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