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>> Monday, November 19, 2007

Lizzy and Papa, Part I:

"Papa, would you like to join our pillow fight?"

"I don't think that's a good idea."


Samantha and Me:

"Hey guys, here's a Krispy Kreme hat! These are the hats the bakers wear."

"I don’t want to wear a hat."


Lizzy and Papa, Part II:

"Can I have the glue? I want to put this picture on the wall."

"Well, maybe we shouldn’t use glue because then we won’t be able to get it off."

"But I don’t want it to come off."

"But maybe I do."

"I just want to decorate your door with lots of horsies on it."


Lizzy and Me:

"Can I have my second donut now?"

"No. You still haven’t finished your first one. Licking the chocolate off the top doesn’t count."


Samantha and Michael:

"Can I have the ketchup?"

"What for?"

"Because I'm cold."


And who else?

"Hey! I wrote my name in tape on the window!"


A great electric beer sign in our friend's basement.
("I wish we had a basement...")

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