>> Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ack! Get it off!

This mood. This sticky, clammy mood with claws and venom and bad breath.

Get this mood off.

This mood that feels pressure from all sides and sees no exit.

This mood that imprisons my patience and rejects what I love the most.

Get it off.

This mood that yells at bicyclists, truck drivers, parked cars and door jambs.

This mood that mistakes need for entrapment; desire for exploitation.

Get it off.

What will it take to remove the beast? A joke? A jog? A jag?


It snarls at love. It claws at lust. It hisses at beauty.

It does not retreat. Easily.


Where is it going? This beastly mood? This aversion to Life?

Come back. So I can see. You.


What do you know? I guess it doesn’t like.



Anyone know a good joke?

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