The Tale of Iildde

>> Monday, July 16, 2007

By Elizabeth Gail Weber, Age 4

Once upon a time, there was a little girl.

She had nails in her back.

But they didn’t hurt.

She found some mice who were her friends. She tied a rope around the mice, and then tied the rope to the nails on her back. The mice walked behind her when she walked.

One day she found bunnies trapped in cages. She dragged the cages back to her house. She had doggies and kitties at her house, too. The cats were tied to the dogs with ropes.

The little girl won all of the animals playing a game called Animada.

The little girl’s name was spelled: i-i-l-d-d-e.

The little girl lived with her family who looked liked bears.

But they weren’t bears.

The End.


Was she a nice girl or a mean girl?

Oh, she was a nice girl.

Of course.

I am dizzy trying to understand this strange world of bondage, where nails naturally extend out of little girls' backs, and animals are rewards for a mysterious game of Animada. Meanwhile, I'm having a hard time concentrating on driving since she told me this pleasant little story on the way to work; and I'm beginning to wonder what this tells me about the psyche of my little girl.

Next, as I attempt to sort it all out, I see a young woman walking down the street carrying a full-sized vacuum cleaner. She’s all alone; a normal-looking girl; taking her vacuum for a walk. It looks heavy. Am I in a David Lynch movie?

This is how my day started.

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