Morning, Mommy

>> Monday, July 9, 2007

I keep a pad of notepaper on my vanity in the bedroom. After all, there's nothing like drying my hair to get those creative juices flowing.

One Sunday morning, as I stepped from the bathroom after a relaxing shower, I saw this drawn on my notepad. No one else was around, but I knew -- Elizabeth had been there.

Wow. I LOVE this guy! I love his crazy eyes and spindly hair. I really dig those wacky teeth. I'm intrigued by his mysterious persona. Is he evil? Is he a super-nerd? A punk? Did he survive a nuclear accident?

I hope Elizabeth draws like this forever -- not that I don't want her to develop as an artist or try new styles. But I'm going to miss the day she discovers that eyes are usually the same size, teeth don't usually extend past one's lips, and hair usually goes down instead of out (unless you're Buzz Osborne, of course).

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