Thoughts on the Way to Work

>> Friday, June 22, 2007

Today I want to grow my hair long and straight and keep it in a braid down my back.

Today I want to quit my job and take photographs of homeless people and construction sites.

Today I want to wear leather and drive an amber Harley with two black leather rucksacks on either side: one containing a camera and iBook; the other containing my weed.

Today I want to shake hands with strangers.

Today I want to dance in the street.

Today I want to take my girls out of school, dress them in batik and walk through fields of wildflowers, birds nests and garter snakes.

Instead of working for money, today I want to work for trade. In exchange for a web site, story or photograph, please give me your 67 Mustang, your Nikon camera, or your dog; or a really good meal.

Today I want live in a city loft with built-in bookshelves and a corner market down the street. I want to walk to used bookstores, antique shops and art galleries. I want to buy organic vegetables and place rose extract behind my ears.

Today I want to live in a white cottage in the mountains on a goat farm. I want to milk a cow. I want to make my own cheese.

Today I want to sit under a tree and play guitar with my friends.

Today I want to go back. Or forward. Or away.

Today I want to be different.

Today I want to be real.


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