Water, Fresh Air, and Prescription Drugs

>> Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's important to remember the basics of life.

Exene spent some quality-time at the vet's getting IV fluids on Wednesday. It's done her a world of good. Armed with steroids and antibiotics, I brought her home and sent her outside immediately to enjoy the fresh air.

Her prognosis is both finite and open-ended: 1 year (if she's lucky), and 2 months if she's not. For now, she's eating more and has reintegrated herself with the family; showing up at mealtimes and sleeping in the rocking chair. It still hurts to eat, so we mix soft catfood with water, followed by a pill-chaser. (Which reminds me, we need to trim her nails. Ouch!)

I tell Exene she's beautiful, as if she might be self-conscious about her facial deformity. Talk about projection. We feed her privately and often, away from distractions. While I used to worry about her portly midsection, now I push food her way like an old-world Italian mother. Eat, eat. Looka you, skin and bones. You eata this a nice piece of chicken.

We're trying to make her as comfortable as possible and enjoy our time together. We keep Meg from chasing her, and I took some nice photos of her this afternoon. She really is a beautiful girl.


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