Wanted: One Invisibility Cloak

>> Saturday, May 26, 2007

I’m in a rotten mood today. I need 15-foot clearance. I sat in bed after a nap. I was thirsty and wanted water, but I wasn’t ready to return to Family Land. I didn’t want to be seen because I knew that as soon as someone saw me, I would be needed. I didn’t want to be needed, yet. I just wanted a bottle of water.

Sometimes I wish there were secret passages in my house; ways for me to get from the bedroom to the garage, or from the office to the refrigerator, without notice. But our one-story, open-plan, ranch-style home forbids clandestine trips. Wherever you go, eyes are watching.

I took a chance, hoping my family was engrossed with Sponge Bob and wouldn’t see me slip by. Unfortunately for him, Michael saw me. (He never was a big fan of Sponge Bob.) His most innocent and generous need -- to love me -- sent me over the edge. I was in a mind-set not to get caught. When he wanted to divert me back to the bedroom for a hug, I felt like a caged animal instead of a fortunate wife. So I barked.

I’m sorry sweetie. I was hoping to wear a cloak of invisibility for a few moments longer. You were not aware of my childish game; an adult version of hide-and-seek where the hidden is still in dreamland and holding hands with irrationality. You were just happy to see me and probably hoping I’d wake up refreshed from your generous gift of a nap.

Please accept my apology.

Of course, this is what it means to be needed. But the opposite... Well, that is unthinkable.

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