Top Ten List of Disneyland Suggested Improvements

>> Thursday, May 10, 2007

What could possibly make Disneyland any better? Well, let me tell you. Here’s my Top Ten List of Disneyland Suggested Improvements.

1. Knock $5 off of... well, everything. We all know Disneyland is expensive, but does a cheap Mexican dinner for two adults and two children have to cost $42? On second thought, knock $10 off.

2. Moving sidewalks with chairs.

3. Free strollers. Disneyland rents very nice jogging-style strollers. But the key word is “rent”. While they look nice, I’m not about to fork over $10 for one.

4. Fast-pass options for restaurants and cafeterias.

5. All-you-can-drink caffeinated beverages.

6. QUIET FLUSH TOILETS! My daughter was traumatized by the loud, automatic toilets. Not only did she shield her ears from the noise, but while sitting on one, she was in constant fear that it would flush. It's a miracle I got her to use the toilets at all. She’s been potty-trained for less than a year. Give her a break, please!

7. Napping “capsules” like they have in Japan.

8. Gift Bags. Yes, I said gift bags. I’d like a gift bag for every member of my family upon entering Disneyland. (Hey, I can wish upon a star, too.) I’d like it to be a very nice gift bag, too, like the ones you get for winning an Emmy. Here's what they should contain (for starters):

The Mommy Gift Bag: Minnie Mouse hand lotion, a pair of silver Tinker Bell earrings, retro Micky Mouse girly-T, walking sandals, First Aid Kit.

The Daddy Gift Bag: Micky Mouse wrist watch, Donald Duck baseball cap, coupon for dinner for four, disposable camera for when we lose our camera.

The Kid Gift Bag: Buzz Lightyear Twirling Flashlight, Tinker Bell hat, Micky Mouse lollipops, towels, Disney character stuffed dolls/animals (at least 5), Pirates of the Caribbean swords, hats, t-shirts, more towels.

9. Free Storage Locker to hold our gift bags (of course), and any other items we may acquire.

10. Excedrin dispensers in the bathroom.

Disneyland, take this advice and you will truly be my Happy Place.

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