Things I Didn’t Know 31 Days Ago

>> Thursday, May 31, 2007

I didn’t know that a close friend would be happily -- and steadily -- dating, or that another close friend was having sex.

I didn’t know that I would see a play at The Old Globe (Two Trains Running).

I didn’t know that my mother would find her dream condo and would spend her days happily buying dish sets and china cabinets.

I didn’t know we’d go to Disneyland or how Samantha would react to scary rides.

I didn't know that Scoreboard Surprises at Petco Park needs 48 hours advanced notice before posting surprises, nor did I know that they support the Padres Foundation for Children.

I didn't know that wild parrots lived in the United States, much less San Francisco.

I didn’t know that my cat would be diagnosed with cancer.

I didn’t know that my gardener was allergic to cleaning solutions and was spending time at the hospital.

I didn’t know that I would become addicted to blogging.

I didn’t know I’d get published in the Reader.

I didn’t know just how incredibly supportive my friends could be (although I should have).

I didn’t know how my husband would react to having our lives revealed on the Internet (and in print).

I didn’t know that I would meet and inspire a "curious" woman to renew an interest in blogging; and that her blogging would inspire her daughter’s blogging.

I didn’t know that after 36 years, I would be writing nearly every day -- and enjoying it.

And, finally, I didn’t know whether Elizabeth (the painter, the illustrator, the superhero) would have any interest in my writing.

    “What are you doing, Mommy?”

    It's late; past Elizabeth's bedtime.

    “I’m writing. Did you know that one of my stories is going to be published in a ‘magazine’?”

    She leans over an office chair, gently spinning from side to side.

    “What’s it about?”

    “It’s a story about our family.”

    She smiles.

    “I like to read stories about our family.”

    Me, too.

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